New Risen

New Risen by Gothric

New Risen is a French singer and songwriter native from the city of Nantes who compose songs mainly inspired by music genres such as darkwave, gothic, coldwave, new wave and more.

But far from his influences, New Risen has created his own music style, with poetic lyrics and exciting synthesizer sounds providing powerful songs and atmosphere as evidenced by his debut album 'Dark Winter'.

Rock Nantais by Laurent Charliot

80's : Rock scène

While still at school in the 80's, Fabrice (aka New Risen) started to be part of the rock scene from his hometown as lead vocal of rock bands such as 'Wino' or 'Sysygy'.

Longue Portée 1992

90's : 'The Library' and coldwave

In the early 90's, New Risen dedicates a true passion for the coldwave and post-punk scene (The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division ...), and founded with keyboardist Xavier H. the synthetic band 'The Library' in a style close to 4AD label productions.
They recorded a demo tape in order to be signed by New Rose record label but didn't succeed.

At the same time, 'The Library' joined a bass player and a drummer met in their rehearsal studio to create the coldwave band 'In Der Tat', sounding a bit like 'And Also The Trees'.

After several concerts and the recording of four tracks for 'Longue Portée' compilation, both 'The Library' and 'In Der Tat' splitted in the late 90s.

Fabrice by Jonté

The Model years

Meanwhile, New Risen started a professional model career that lasted almost ten years.
Many fashion catwalks (Kenzo, Pal Zileri, Boss...), poster adverts, extra appearances in TV serials and music videos.

Eyeless in Gaza

2000 : Rebirth

As a fan of the English group 'Eyeless in Gaza' (Martyn Bates/Peter Becker), Fabrice adopted as a tribute the artist name 'New Risen' taken from the title of one of their famous song, which could means 'rebirth'.
During year 2000 New Risen started his solo project and began to write his first songs with the Blue CS1x Yamaha synthesizer.

In 2001 New Risen recorded two tracks for the 'Microcosmique' compilation, and started performing with his dummy companion 'Lord Konig'.

Cabaret Fantasmagothic

April 2006, New Risen met via Myspace Mrlamort and Mrslamort both members from the post-rock gothic band 'Nova et Vetera' and pefrormed live at their first 'Cabaret Fantasmagothic' event consisting of concerts and exhibitions from various artists.

Dark Winter album

Following his peformance and his new friendship with Carmen and Wily (Mr and Mrs Lamort), New Risen recorded few months later his debut album 'Dark Winter' with their help at the studio 'Le Chat Perché' in the city of Cergy.

The album produced by his own label Blue Forest Productions has been mixed by Nicolas Moreau at 'Le Garage Hermétique' recording studio and feature a remix of 'Your Ghost' by German group Monochronic.

Some tracks from 'Dark Winter' have been remixed by German producer Per Anders Kurenback and French DJ RoMaEs. Videos have been released by filmmaker Hugo Lagorce.

Lord Konig

future projects

New Risen is currently working on new material.

New Risen is also looking for concert dates, festivals, openings... (thanks to contact us).