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Dark Winter

New Risen - Dark Winter

CD Digipak - Blue Forest Productions / Believe (2007)

  1. Dark Winter
  2. Your Ghost
  3. Pandora's Box
  4. Blood Party
  5. Private Cell
  6. Your Ghost destroyed mix by Monochronic
Cabaret Fantasmagothic

New Risen - Live at The Cabaret Fantasmagothic

Cdr bootleg édition limitée (2006)

  1. My Darkest Angel
  2. Scary Games
  3. Distant Feeling
  4. Your Ghost
  5. Pandora's Box
  6. Blood Party
  7. Fire Devotion
  8. One Kiss / Private Cell

+ bonus video : 'Your Ghost' live

Blood Party Remixes

New Risen - Blood Party Remixes by DJ RoMaEs

Believe Digital (2009)

  1. Blood Party 'alternative version'
  2. Blood Party 'a night after club mix'

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Private Cell remix

New Risen - Private Cell 'Sanctuary Remix' by Per Kurenbach

Believe Digital (2009)

  1. Private Cell 'Sanctuary Remix' (Radio Edit)
  2. Private Cell 'Sanctuary Remix'

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Gothic Visions 2

Gothic Visions V (special CD+DVD edition)

Echozone Music (2014)

Bands :
The Mission, Into The Mist, Ikon, Opera MultiSteel, Cain, Leaves 'Eyes...

New Risen : Private Cell (Sanctuary Remix)

Gothic Visions 2

Gothic Visions II (special DVD+CD edition)

Echozone Music (2010)

Bands :
Shock Therapy, Merciful Nums, Wayne Hussey, Umbra Et Imago, Whispers in the Shadow, Saints of Ruins, Dead Guitars, Place4Tears...

Video New Risen 'Pandora's Box'


Echozone - Correlation

Echozone - double CD (2010)

Bands :
Golden Apes - Wayne Hussey - Whispers in The Shadow - Place4Tears - Andreas Gross - Dead Guitars ...
New Risen : 'Private Cell Sanctuary Remix'

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Societas Draconistrarum

Societas Draconistrarum

SADE - Sanctus Amenus Dominicus Erecta (2010)

Bands : Brotherhood of Pagans, Nova et vetera, Be a Man?, Wallenberg...

New Risen : 'Private Cell 'Sanctuary Remix'

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Gothic Visions (special DVD+CD edition)

Bob-Media - Echozone (with Crawling Tunes Magazine & Gothic Magazine)(2009)

Bands : Wayne Hussey, The Eternal Fall, Beauty of Gemina, Whispers in the Shadow, Specimen, Place4Tears, Dead Guitars, Ancient Toundra, Andreas Gross, The Golden Apes, The Myst of Avalon, Star Industry, Saints of Eden... and many more

New Risen : 'Blood Party' (CD) - 'Dark Winter' (DVD)


Decibel - Microcosmique Compilation

CD - Décibel / DB0006 - Nov. 2001

Bands : Scrimshankers - Shorty - CAD - Fake - Maelström - New Risen - Tupelo - Mezzo

Songs by New Risen : Fire Devotion - Blood Party (first version)

Fire Devotion
The Library
The Library

'Longue Portée' Compilation

Cassette audio -  SF1 920105 (1992)

Bands : Télex - 1000 Spirales - Tapage Nocturne - In Der Tat - Duck & Cover - Tenessie - Bidi's Band - The Library - Missing in Action

Songs by The Library : 'Ten to One' - 'Words Forgiven'
Songs by In Der Tat : 'Schatten und Schatten' - 'Stuffed Dog'


DarkSouls - My Soul

CDr - Debut album from the Portugese musician (2008)

Duet on the song : 'Darkness of my Heart'

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